Message from President & CEO

We have entered in next-generation telecommunications era. With Telecommunications technology changing rapidly, business all over the world are opting in for powerful solutions that will not only drastically bring down their telecommunications costs, but will help them to connect the power of data and voice to excel in global connectivity.

Today, IPvision's Business Units are leading Telecom service providers and one of the key players in various key sectors of Telecom Industry. Looking at the years to come we are highly confident that IPvision and its subsidiaries alike will not only strengthen on its background and broaden its vision, but also encouraging the flexibility that will allow us to develop and face the upcoming challenges. Operating in a growing and stringent environment, mainly characterized by market globalization and competition, IPvision is paving its own way with a clear strategy for the near future.

Based on the supply of reliable products, services and customer support, IPvision’s primary target is the profitable expansion of its activities. The company also aspires to continue the development at an international and regional level. At the same time, the utilization of accumulated expertise, know-how and the dynamics of our many partnerships will allow us to positively respond to the challenges of our times and provide expert, state of the art products and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations.

At IPvision, we constantly look for ways to create sustainable value for our customers. We do that first and foremost by delivering unmatched performance and personalized service to more than 500 enterprises across the world.  For the past 10 years, IPvision has consistently created relationships based on personalized service and customer satisfaction. This makes us an ideal telecommunication partner for SMEs and corporates who require down to the wire support in saving operational costs. Our goal is to be the first choice for best-value offerings in advanced voice, data, and telephony and internet services to business customers.  We are committed to achieving this goal, through continuous investment in personalized service, quality and innovation.

Last but not least, our efforts are tuned towards our stakeholders’ interests; we aim at optimizing satisfaction for all the customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we deal with.

Ayrin Islam

President & CEO