CDN- Content Delivery Network

It is a challenging task as an operator carrying data traffic across the internet as there has been enormous growth in the volume of traffic in the past years.

IPvision has taken this challenge as an opportunity and has been successfully carrying the traffic to its content consumers over the years. The company has not only increased its operational efficiency by implementing sate of the art infrastructural developments, it also has created a systematic delivery of rich content to response to the growing traffic.

A boost in network build-out has played a significant part in crafting the capabilities to afford high of data traffic through the IPvision Content Delivery Network.

World class service delivery assurance to the consumers has been the motto which has driven IPvision as a leading content provider for over the years.

IPvision provides impeccable CDNA solution which has enabled the audience to benefit from a vast array of content which was not available earlier. A wide range of distribution network with pleased consumers have significantly reduced the operating expenses and network costs for the company and yielded significant revenue growth.