Data Centre

IPvision operates two data Centre under the brand name “Voice Colo”  & “ NRB Telecom”, in Canada and Bangladesh respectively. IPvision’s facilities exceed industry standards and are designed to meet the full range of computer and network system needs of the clients.

The company is  offering a neutral, secure, power-protected co-location environment that is monitored, maintained and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Collocation facilities are built on global standards to ensure the highest level of security for client’s critical applications and data. IPvision provides customers with secure cabinets in the Collocation space with the capability of providing 24-hour AC and DC power, UPS, HVAC and fire protection. IPvision Co-location offers its customers the ability to leverage IPvision real estate, network, and services, rather than investing in their own facilities.

IPvision provides high-speed, reliable connectivity to the IPvision network, including both local and wide area connections, connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and connectivity to the Internet. Similarly, IPvision provides the ability to connect to a variety of high-speed backbone and Internet access services via Ethernet, Digital and Optical interfaces. IPvision's Co-location service offers fully enclosed lockable cabinets and enhanced features such as on-demand technical support, equipment installation and additional power. IPvision assures its customer’s service quality end- to- end because we own and manage the facilities and network connectivity. Our Co-location space allows customers to extend their coverage area, while minimizing the investment in network infrastructure.