Get Smart with ML, AI & Blockchain based Intelligent Solutions !

Our Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence based solutions are focused at providing intelligent business analysis, intelligent image & video processing and also, blockchain based business solutions.

Artificial Intelligence - AI

Our expert developers have gained comprehensive knowledge on future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.
The reflection of human intelligence in machines is AI & this is exactly what we need going forward!

Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neutral Networks are all based on algorithms. These complex algorithmic methods are used on huge amount of Data to produce desired results such as trends, patterns and predictions.

Complex analytical tasks are achieved faster than human imagination on Big Data with the help of ML and AI.

Data analytics have repeatedly proven to be the major source of potential growth for any corporate environment because companies can learn something from every action.

Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly be an important part of the future, as it has the possibility to completely change the way we achieve results with increasing data.

Our Artificial Intelligence Services

  • AI Product Development
  • AI Consultancy Service
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • AI Model Development

Blockchain Development

The expert blockchain developers at IPvision instead of “mindinventory“ have gained comprehensive knowledge on blockchain technology,
ready to take the financial institutions and economy forward.

The blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention, a decentralized database hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, and as its data is accessible to anyone on the internet there is no single version that exists for a hacker to corrupt.

Blockchain development will undoubtedly be an important part of the future, as it has the possibility to completely change the way we treat our interactions online.

Our Blockchain Development Solution

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
  • Multichain Development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Intelligent Business Analyzer

A platform service solutions which his usable by corporations, schools,
and small businesses all around the world!

By combining the power Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence with SaaS (Software-as-a-service), the entire system can be run over a cloud network, and accessed by multiple users in real time, including access to on-demand content.

Enhance Your Business Proficiency by making Your Environment Smarter Using Hi-end AI based solutions!

ML & AI allows a higher level of connectivity for data to provide prominent solutions and services for the needs of customers from different industry verticals.

  • Embedded Analyzer
  • Cloud Analyzer
  • Connect to anything
  • Mobile access
  • Useful insights
  • Easy control

Intelligent Image & Video Processor

The use of state-of-the-art technology for developing cutting-edge
applications in image & video processing as business solutions.

Intelligent Image & Video processing is computing invention which seamlessly connects the cyberspace and the real world allowing an enhanced visual experience for various uses.

There are a wide range of commercial applications in image & video processing which can be served as intelligent business solutions to contribute to a much more promising future.

AI contributes to virtually all technology areas such as the following:

  • Computer Vision and AI have to cooperate for image & video interpretation
  • Structure of high-level visuals are well understood including extensive knowledge bases
  • Object Recognition has been improved more than ever before
  • Semantic Web technologies provide a welcome standard for visual representation