About Us

We are no. 1 service provider company in the world.

IPvision is an established entity with various strategic business units working in diverse sectors of the IT and Telecommunication Industry. It started in 2003 with a focused approach to serve the IP-based communication industry. IPvision continues to provide high-end global technological products & services for over 15 years.

IPvision has established itself as one of the most popular global data and telecommunication service providers. The company has come up with some innovative, cost effective and enjoyable products that are designed to meet modern-day communicational needs. Since 2008, IPvision continues to develop various mobile phone applications for popular platforms like Symbian, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Our Mission

To build innovative products by the implementation of new & innovative technologies at par with global standards and be the leading solutions provider in the field of Digital Communication & Software Development in the global market.

Our Vision

IPvision envisions building the future of communications by simplifying the sophistication surrounding digital applications, products & services and to provide ready-to-implement SAAS using SDK, ML & AI and Blockchain based mobile products, services & solutions.

Our Ambition

IPvision aims to create a world-class infrastructure to build advanced products that support all major mobile platforms using proprietary technologies which will serve the needs of businesses & users all over the world.

Our Message

We take pride in our efforts to build the future of communication & technology through a culture which loves to develop high-end products, services & solutions of the highest standard for the global market.

An expert Internet entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience, the co-founder & CEO of IPvision Canada Inc. She specializes in process automation in finance, fintech with a keen interest in cutting-edge technology.

Ayrin Islam

A tech savvy entrepreneur with more than 12 years’ experience in the field of telecommunication industry. He co-founded IPvision Canada Inc. in 2003 with a focused approach to serve IP based communication industries & currently leads its vision.

Shariful Islam